Foundation 2 : Leadership for learning

The leadership for learning approach focuses on transforming headteachers’ practices through a system of coaching and academically-accredited, workplace-based, continuing professional development courses. At least 532 headteachers selected as National Leaders of Learning (NLLs) and Local Leaders of Learning (LLLs), and all Teacher Training Principals and Vice Principals as well as all District Education Officers, benefit from accredited, modular, workplace-based CPD courses led by the University of Rwanda College of Education as well as coaching, led by our programme specialists.

With a focus on school-to-school collaboration, the national and local leaders of learning come together at district and sector level ’professional learning communities’, supported by BLF, to focus on specific school development and learning issues and model a coaching programme. On a national scale, this means that all primary school headteachers in the country benefit from this peer-to-peer study and coaching model.

In collaboration with Rwanda Basic Education Board (REB) BLF developed a Leadership for learning handbook : a headteacher’s professional companion,
This companion addresses frequently asked questions that were gathered from Rwandan primary school headteachers by its developers. It is used as a head teachers’ reference to help answer questions that arise as they lead and manage teaching and learning in their schools.

Download the L4L – A headteacher’s professional companion