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Leadership for learning 

Foundation 2 is working to strengthen leadership for Learning by transforming Head Teachers’ practices through a system of coaching and academically-accredited, workplace-based, Continuing Professional Development courses. Our approach aims to establishing and develop a cadre of Head Teachers who will support other Head Teachers through coaching and professional learning communities, with a focus on inclusive foundational teaching and learning.We work to strengthen School General Assemblies (SGACs) to hold Head Teachers to account for improved pupil learning Committees

The BLF approach aims to promptly address Rwanda’s School Leadership needs to help create Professional Learning Communities in which selected Head Teachers will collaborate on a regular basis with other Head Teachers in their Sector to find local solutions to local challenges within a self-improving, coaching-based, school-led system.

Head Teachers who are selected as National Leaders of Learning (NLLs) and Local Leaders of Learning (LLLs) benefit from accredited, modular, workplace-based Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses led by the National University of Rwanda (UR-CE) as well as coaching, led by BLF specialists and Sector Education Officers (SEOs).

In turn, the NLLs and LLLs coach and collaborate with other Head Teachers. The NLLs and LLLs combine their own experience with the experience of partner schools to jointly reflect on their approaches to solving problems and improving pupil learning outcomes. By leading such Head Teacher partnerships, the NLLs and LLLs will contribute to the knowledge and skills of their partner schools as well as improving their understanding of their own school’s opportunities to improve.

In this way, 20 percent of primary school Head Teachers in the country – as NLLS or LLLs – will gain new workplace-based training and qualifications.

Structured coaching within Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

NLLs and LLLs form PLCs within their respective Districts. These District-level PLCs meet on a regular basis to focus on specific school development and learning issues. BLF School Leadership Advisors provide coaching to the NLLs, including supporting the CPD course study. This coaching will provide a model for coaching that NLLs themselves will provide to the LLLs, who, in turn, provide coaching to other Head Teachers in neighbouring schools. The District-level PLCs are led by NLLs and supported by DEOs.

In addition to the high-level support provided by BLF’s School Leadership Advisors, BLF’s District Teaching Advisors and Sector Learning Facilitators support Head Teachers during regular school visits. In this way, all primary school Head Teachers in the country benefit

The Building Learning Foundations Programme (BLF) is a programme of the Rwanda Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) and Rwanda Education Board (REB); it is funded by the United Kingdom’s Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) as part of its Learning for all Programme in Rwanda.
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