Working to improve learning outcomes in English and Mathematics for 4.2 million children in Rwanda
English digitized toolkit for teachers of lower primary launched in Kigali

The Minister of state for primary and secondary education Dr Isaac Munyakazi and the British High Commissioner to Rwanda H.E Jo Lomas launched the digitized tool-kits that have been uploaded to REB’s e-learning platform.

The toolkit are self-study resources developed by Building Learning Foundations and Rwanda Education Board that support teachers of lower primary to improve their teaching practice in English and Mathematics. The tool-kits digitization programme will give access to all teachers of English interested in self-study to improve their teaching practice in English. 

     Minister of State listens to audio version of the BLF English toolkit for teachers at GS Camp Kanombe

The Building Learning Foundations programme is improving the quality of teaching of English and Mathematics at lower primary level (P1 to P3) by developing teachers’ self-directed learning skills as well as providing support and resources to enable teachers to participate in continuing professional development at school level.

British High Commissioner to Rwanda Jo Lomas looks on as a teacher uses the digitized tool-kit

BLF has provided self- and peer- learning tool-kits to all 30,000 teachers of English and Mathematics of P1 to P3 pupils. The tool-kits consist of printed books with supporting audio-visual materials on removable media (SD cards for use on teachers’ own mobile phones) for each teacher, and two smartphones for each school so that teachers can watch the instructional BLF videos and film their own classes for self-reflection and peer discussion.

The digitized toolkit is uploaded onto Rwanda Education Board’s e-learning portal for access to all teachers who want to improve their English teaching skills.


The Building Learning Foundations Programme (BLF) is a programme of the Rwanda Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) and Rwanda Education Board (REB); it is funded by the United Kingdom’s Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) as part of its Learning for all Programme in Rwanda.
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