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About the Building Learning Foundations programme

BLF’s Approach

The Building Learning Foundations programme is designed on three foundations: Teacher development, Strengthening leadership for learning and System strengthening. Running through these are cross cutting themes of inclusive education practices for children with special education needs (SEN) including those with disabilities and monitoring evaluation and learning.

Foundation 1: Teacher Development

Our highly focused teacher development programme transforms classroom practice by developing teachers’ self directed learning skills as well as providing support and resources to enable teachers to participate in continued professional development at school level. [Read more]

Foundation 2: Leadership for learning

To support, sustain and build upon teacher development initiatives, we have created a proven headteacher coaching model. The programme harnesses local and national leaders of learning and is combined with enhanced parental involvement and aligned inspection for accountability. [Read more]

Foundation 3: System strengthening

Underpinning the advances in pedagogy and leadership, Building Learning Foundations also works to strengthen the broader education system to improve the management and oversight of education reform, with a particular focus on technical capacity, use and management of data [Read more]

The Building Learning Foundations Programme (BLF) is a programme of the Rwanda Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) and Rwanda Education Board (REB); it is funded by the United Kingdom’s Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) as part of its Learning for all Programme in Rwanda.
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